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Men get wrinkles too. Although wrinkles don’t start to form until later in life, when they do they go deep. If you’ve been using shower gel to wash your face as well, you should switch over now to more suitable facial products: FRESH cleanser und FRESH tonic. Because shower gels are too harsh on sensitive facial skin and remove lipids, with the result that it becomes dry and wrinkles faster. And so that wrinkles don’t carve themselves too deeply into your face, start using FRESH anti wrinkle serum while you’re still wrinkle free.

The perfect basic care programme for the well-groomed man. FRESH soap: forms a highly cleansing foam with a deliciously delicate scent. FRESH hydro serum: this thirst quencher for dry skin delivers maximum hydration. FRESH moisturiser for men: the perfect care solution for stressed male skin. To go with this care set, RINGANA will give you a free RINGANA towel medium.