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RINGANA has combined special plant extracts* that give our “cleansing world champions” a boost.

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One veggie day per week can balance out minor dietary sins, and it’s a sensible way of ramping up the metabolism and giving the body a vitamin boost.

An unhealthy lifestyle with too much alcohol and fatty food puts pressure on our entire detoxing system. Everything has to work extra hard, particularly our liver and gall bladder. With CAPS d-tox, RINGANA has combined special plant extracts that give our “cleansing world champions” a boost. In short: CAPS d-tox are an alcohol-free digestif in capsule form.


Extract of artichoke leaf and blossom, wasabi rhizome powder, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (capsule shell*), milk thistle extract (soy lecithin), turmeric extract (soy lecithin), perilla seed extract.

*100 % plant-based

V 5.4

Artichoke leaf and inflorescence extract with cynarine support the digestive system and reduce intestinal complaints such as flatulence and a bloated feeling. Milk thistle extract with silibinin protects the liver and promotes its detoxing processes. Both artichoke and milk thistle encourage natural gall bladder production. Curcuma extract helps to avoid the accumulation of liver fats and also stimulates their breakdown.

3 capsules daily. For best tolerance, capsules should be taken at mealtimes with a little (non-sparkling) water.


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