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Standstill means a backward step. That's why RINGANA constantly strives to make the good even better.

Marianne Hruby, Head of Research & Development, and her team are constantly on the hunt for “fresh talent” – in other words, for new active substances that can make the existing RINGANA products even better. The reason why they do this: the discovery and development of active substan­ces for skin care products and food supplements are advancing at an incredible speed.

New botanical treasures are constantly being discovered all over the world; one innovation follows hot on the heels of the next. Today there are substances in the commodities market that were unknown five years ago. And methods for producing raw materials are constantly improving too. By regularly adjusting or completely rethinking our formulations, we guarantee that RINGANA products always offer maximum performance and are state-of-the-art scientifically.




1 Standardised

When it comes to active substances from plants, there are great differences in quality. The weather, the soil, growth and harvesting conditions all have an effect on quality. As a result, products such as, say, asparagus or frankincense powder can contain completely different levels of active substances, depending on the supplier of that commodity. In these cases, RINGANA uses standardised substances. This means that the main active substance contained in a raw material must be of a specified level as standard.

2 Bioavailability

The bioavailability of an active ingredient lets us know what proportion of it actually reaches the body and can start working. That is why, when selecting its raw materials, RINGANA sets great store by uniquely high bioavailability.

3 Using synergies

RINGANA research meticulously ensures that active ingredients mutually complement and strengthen each other. The result: products with maximum effect.

4 Dermatologically tested

Apart from maximum efficacy, RINGANA is also extremely keen to ensure certified skin-friendliness. That is why RINGANA fresh skin care products are dermatologically tested by an independent institute.


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