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A well-oiled machine! ?‍♂

Lots of men like it quick and uncomplicated when it comes to body care. Well, so it’s said. In fact, proper skin care for men today goes far beyond only soap and water. The modern man pays attention to his wellbeing and chooses care products that suit his skin type.

What do men want? What do men need? All a question of type!
Just how much care a man needs also depends on the inner man. Are you more of a “typical” man or do you like a thorough care routine? Here’s a short and sweet summary of the 3 care types:


Basic ?‍♂️

This guy wants to get in and out of the bathroom fast in the morning and at night. And that goes for the majority of men. What you’ll find in his bathroom: shower gel and shampoo, a fast-absorbing, non-greasy facial cream, and deodorant.



Maybe a little more ?‍♂️

This care type doesn’t mind spending a little longer in the bathroom. He’s heard of serums and toners – and he even uses his own cleansing product. The FRESH eye serum is part of his basic care kit, to take care of swollen eyes and bags after a long day at work or some heavy partying.



The expert ?‍♂️

The “expert” type has a lot more little pots in his bathroom and he has a far wider beauty horizon. The idea of exfoliating doesn’t make him break out in a sweat. He knows that it will prepare his skin perfectly for the care product he’ll apply afterwards. And that product can be a rich one – maybe even with a care boost for firm skin. (Disadvantage: when he’s house-hunting, he’ll probably be focusing on the size of the bathroom. ?)

FRESH ADDS effect: Paracress delivers an instant firming effect with regard to expression lines.

Depending on your skin’s requirements, mix two pumps of a RINGANA serum with one pump of an FRESH ADDS in the palm of your hand, and then apply to cleansed skin.

RINGANA for you

From hydrating facial cream to serum against bags: anybody can put together their own personal care programme – but make sure it’s tailored to your own skin’s needs. How can you find the right care? Each body is different, and our bodies are also constantly changing because of lifestyle or environmental influences. ? Tip: The RINGANA for you online test offers you a comprehensive analysis and customised solutions – have you tried it yet?

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