Well-protected in the sun

Perfect sun protection? FRESH sunscreen makes it possible!

A well-deserved holiday – in the mountains, at the seaside or in our favourite city – but we often underestimate the need to protect ourselves from the sun. We have a few key pointers for you on what to do and what’s really important when choosing your sun protection.

The right protection

Our FRESH sunscreen is COSMOS-certified as a natural skin care product. It is easy to apply and uses only mineral filters such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. These can reflect, scatter and absorb the sun’s UV rays. Because of this reflection, skin appears slightly white in the visible light spectrum. That allows you to see where you have already applied the sunscreen. Karanja oil and black cumin oil support the protective effect. Lichen extract has a soothing effect on sun-stressed skin.

The sun’s rays also consist, in part, of invisible infra-red rays. Although these do not cause any direct, biochemical changes, they can penetrate the upper layers of the skin and heat it up.

Our tip: a sun hat is not only very useful but it’s also an attractive accessory – and we don’t want sunstroke, do we 😉

Well-filtered – is SPF 20 enough?

With sun protection factor (SPF) 20, FRESH sunscreen blocks 95 per cent of UV rays. “With SPF 50 it would only be three per cent more – 98 per cent, in other words,” says our RINGANA Product expert Elke Auernig-Gerngroß. “The gain is low in comparison with the greater use of filters required to achieve it and the associated increased whitening effect.” What’s important is that enough FRESH sunscreen is used, and that it is applied regularly – but that’s just common sense 😉


Our skin has its own period of self-protection which varies from one person to another. That period is the length of time for which we can sit out in the sun over the course of a day with no protection, without any reddening of the skin. If we multiply that self-protection period by the sun protection factor, this gives us the maximum time in the sun without reddening. For example: self-protection period of 30 minutes; sun protection factor 20 = 30 x 20 = 600 minutes = 10 hours. What’s important here is that you multiply your self-protection period by the sun protection factor before you go out, because the FRESH sunscreen needs to be applied beforehand – after all, the sun will be shining on your way to the sun lounger too 😉


UVA radiation is one of the causes of premature skin aging. The zinc oxide in FRESH sunscreen combines good protection against UV radiation with very good transparency. It covers both the UVA and the UVB range of sunlight. And here’s another tip to combat skin aging: protection from within with CAPS protect. They work with FRESH sunscreen as the perfect team. They counteract the skin aging caused by the sun’s rays and help us to get an even tan.

Holiday in the mountains


Hiking in the mountains is a very popular pursuit, particularly in spring and autumn. But we shouldn’t underestimate the effect of the sun’s rays on our skin. High up in the mountains, the peaks usually still have a dusting of snow, so our skin is exposed to dry air and cold wind. In addition, snow reflects the sun’s rays, so the right sun protection is ultra important.

Holiday at the seaside


Lots of us underestimate the harmful effect of the sun when we’re grilling ourselves on the beach in the sunshine. On the beach, between sand and sea, it is essential to have the right sun protection to hand. Not only should it provide adequate protection, it must also be waterproof. And another important point: be sure to apply it repeatedly! By doing so, you will maintain the product’s specified sun protection factor over the course of the day – because even a waterproof product can be rubbed off when we towel ourselves dry.

Speaking about the new formulation for the FRESH sunscreen, our RINGANA product expert Elke Auernig-Gerngroß says: “The product still adheres very well to the skin and can only be washed off with shower gel or soap.” That means the sun care is waterproof and it continues to protect the skin even when you go for a dip in the sea.

Holiday in your favourite city


Sand, water and even asphalt reflect the sun’s rays onto our faces and bodies. That reflection means we are exposed even more to the sunlight. It is not only full sunshine itself but also the rays when we’re in the shade that can be harmful to our skin. So – apply FRESH sunscreen any time you’re going outdoors.

For the sake of your health, make sure you only enjoy the sun to a sensible extent. Avoid the hot midday sun because it is particularly intense then. The UV rays are strongest between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.

I want to keep my tan!

FRESH after sun is a soothing and moisturising after-sun product that also boosts the tan. The cream has an appealing fragrance and is quickly absorbed, giving the skin a pleasant feel. FRESH after sun can also be used all year round as a gently tanning, light body milk. Unlike with the tan you get in the sun or from a sunbed, with FRESH after sun there’s no risk of wrinkles.


Wishing you a lovely, warm summer!


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