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RINGANA sets itself extremely high quality standards in order to be better than the rest. We asked Elisa, Head of the Quality Management Department, how this is guaranteed.

From arrival of the raw materials to the sale of the finished product, samples are regularly tested in-house and sent to independent institutes. In this way, around 140 products are thoroughly tested every month. All batches of food supplements are tested by the LEFO Institute. In this case, it is particularly important that the products do indeed contain the declared concentration of substances. RINGANA receives regular, unannounced visits from the AGES inspectors. They go to the warehouse and the production facility, and talk to the employees on site. They inspect both our skin care products and our food supplements, checking the ingredients and the product details shown on the packaging. In addition, RINGANA regularly undergoes voluntary inspections by recognised testing organisations such as Quality Austria, which oversees compliance with GMP. Further audits and checks are conducted by Ecocert Greenlife and LACON inspectors.

“We want someone to independently confirm our good manufacturing practice,” Elisa explains.




AGES – Agency for health and food safety – a state testing body.

AUDIT – An audit examines whether processes, requirements and regulations meet the necessary standards.

ECOCERT GREENLIFE – The certification agency ECOCERT Greenlife (ECOCERT or COSMOS label) examines environmental friendliness across the entire product process.

GMP – Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP, for short), relates to guidelines for ensuring production quality. ISO 22716 certification also offers the possibility of intensive analysis of a company’s hygiene status.

LEFO – The LEFO Institute for food and environmental research is a recognised laboratory that examines, analyses and evaluates.



RINGANA founder Andreas Wilfinger tells us about
the high standards of safety at RINGANA

Extensive audits, constant checks and monitoring. It almost seems as if those producing for beauty have to suffer?
We are happy to undergo inspections, and we invest a lot of money in our quality management. That way our customers know that they only get the best. That’s a crucial part of the RINGANA philosophy.

RINGANA double checks every raw material it receives. Is that really necessary?
Absolutely! RINGANA products are developed in our laboratory by our in-house research team and produced based on scientific studies, using state-of-the-art technology. Around 450 different raw substances are used for preparing our products. We use standardised products to ensure the greatest-possible effect. This means, for example, that the Vitamin C content in a plant extract has to be of the same high level every time. We complain immediately if that is not the case.

The in-house organoleptic tests sound particularly exciting. What happens there?
For RINGANA’s organoleptic product tests, we employ all the senses of over 25 employees from a wide range of departments. The products are observed, applied, rubbed in, tasted and compared. In doing so, product properties such as colour, smell, texture, flavour and many others
are very closely scrutinised.

“Our customers expect the best.”

What products fail the test?
Sometimes a raw material can’t be processed well, or the homogeneity isn’t right. A natural raw material may be yellow one time, and orange another. If the differences are too striking, we reject the given batch. On the other hand, there are divergences that we do tolerate. For instance, our cult product RINGANAchi__ contains natural ginger powder. Sometimes it may be hotter than at other times. That’s just nature.

Why are your sport products on the Cologne List and what does that mean?
It is extremely important for professionals and ambitious amateurs to know for sure that their food supplements do not violate doping laws, as this will bar them from competition. That is why we have every batch checked by an Institute of the German Sport University Cologne. The results are published in what is known as the Cologne List.
To date we have passed every check with flying colours.


Our most important certificates:


ISO 9001
The certificate confirms the effectiveness of a company’s quality management.



Stands for Good Manufacturing Practice. The certificate defines guidelines for quality assurance in production workflows.



The biggest organic certification organisation in the world.




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